Traces of Wind & Water is a Video Installation by artist Georgie Freidman, a Boston Artist in Residence, that took place from October 13th -November 14th 2016.  The piece was projected nightly from dusk until 11:00pm on the brick, south facing wall of the Strand Theater in Dorchester, MA.  


"Upham's Corner has been a vibrant neighborhood for hundreds of years, and The Strand Theatre is itself historic, built in 1918 as a "movie and vaudeville palace," so projecting moving-image content on to it ties directly with that history. Looking to the land - before Dorchester was annexed to Boston in 1870, it was a rural farming community for over two-hundred years. Prior to that, Native Ameri- cans from many tribes including the Wampanoag, Pequot, Nipmuck, and the Massachuset, had developed agriculture in the region, used the woods for hunting and were highly skilled in navigating the waters. And to look past the thousands of years
native tribes were on the land, to over 16,000 years ago, glaciers (that had covered the state with thousands of feet of ice during the last Ice Age) began to retreat. The glaciers’ deposits and the water from the ice melt, shaped many of the rock, land and water formations of the region.
I chose to highlight the site's connection to these many layers of history, wanting us to be aware of our present moment, our feet on the ground, our eyes to the sky, but to feel connected to the larger world, the larger history, remembering that through it all, there has been the wind, and the water." - Georgie Friedman

The project was supported by luminArtz, The National Endowment for the Arts and the Boston Artists in Residence Program of the Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture. This project was done in collaboration with the Department of Neighborhood Development and the Parks and Recreation Department.

All photos courtesy of Georgie Friedman