luminArtz and ILLUMINUS entered into a collaboration to leverage their collective resources and complimenting areas of expertise to dramatically expand the capacity to achieve their common goals. Through the collaboration’s shared mission to foster and highlight the talent of local and regional artists through public art, and provide opportunities for further projects in cross sectors. 


ILLUMINUS is a Boston based, free nighttime festival featuring largescale light & projection installations, immersive sound, multimedia, and performing arts experiences, both curated and spontaneous. ILLUMINUS’s contribution to the global “Nuit Blanche” movement, has demonstrated success in creating cross collaborations between artists, businesses, and communities. In 2015 ILLUMINUS drew a crowd of over 35,000 people in a single night to witness ART in the streets.


In the coming months we will expand the scope of ILLUMINUS by creating and implementing an engagement strategy dedicated to bringing sustainable change to the Arts Community in the Greater Boston area. Events will be expanded to include artistic workshops, interactive art popups, and industry specific workshops to discuss integration of the arts into the corporate culture. The culmination of this year’s trove of ideas, strategy and creation will be the ILLUMINUS 2017 Festival


We are currently engaging outreach to other arts organizations for collaborations throughout the year that will inspire events and incorporate artists selected for the ILLUMINUS 2017 Festival. Our focus will be o niting artists, community members, and businesses in a way that develops new networks, identifies new opportunities for artists to create and share work, and brings together individuals to engage with each other in new and unexpected ways.

Examples of community outreach include:

  •  Working with Universities to develop a class for students that would focus on the creation of work to be showcased during ILLUMINUS 2017 Festival.  
  •  Working with Universities to create works that are showcased on campus then transferred to ILLUMINUS 2017 Festival
  •  A collaboration with the the Boston Pops to create projection based content on the façade of Symphony Hall during performances. 
  • Corporate and community cross sector collaborations for designing public spaces that include ILLUMINUS artists to showcase works of art expanding the opportunity for future contracts.
  • Engage artists or groups of artists over the next 6-8 months to produce a large scale installation that will be the centerpiece of the ILLUMINUS 2017 Festival, as well as allow for an extended community engagement process through the lens of an artist