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LuminArtz highlights local and regional artists who create innovative experiences that engage, educate and inspire.

LuminArtz works to:

Support the arts and local artists

We provide funding and a platform to artists and creatives that use their talents to contribute to the public good.

Raise awareness without contention

By presenting ideas through artistic representations, we are transforming the way people think about important issues.

Re-think the use of public spaces

Placemaking is the process of transforming an area, driving community engagement, and bringing people together by creating a shared destination.

LuminArtz continues to open doors to new opportunities for many emerging artists.


Support our Public Spaces

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We believe in the power of shared experiences to unite diverse groups of people.

We use art, light, technology, and story telling to engage visitors and create a next-level platform for provoking thought and discussion.

The audience participates in a fully immersive experience.

This active engagement inspires and leaves a lasting impression.

Other uses for Public Art:

Celebration of local culture/historic events

Promotion of inclusivity

Encouraging public discussion